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Data protection

The protection of your personal data is a particular concern of Triconsult Wirtschaftsanalytische Forschung GmbH. We therefore commit to process your personal data exclusively on the basis of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018. In this data privacy information we inform you in detail about the type, scope and purpose of the data collection and processing as well as your rights as a data subject in accordance with the GDPR.


General information

Responsible for the processing of your personal data:

Triconsult Wirtschaftsanalytische Forschung GmbH
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Ihr Kontakt in Datenschutzangelegenheiten ist:

Dr. Felix Josef


Collection and processing of data

2.1. Erhebung

We only process personal data that comes from publicly accessible directories (e.g. telephone book), that you made available to us yourself (personally, by telephone, post, by e-mail or web-based), that we have received from a client or that we have lawfully acquired from third parties (address publishers and direct marketing companies). We also process telephone numbers that were generated as random numbers using the RLD process (Randomized Last Digit Process).

In particular, we collect and process the following data categories:

Indenture number (Ordnungsnummer?), first name, last name, academic titles, date of birth, phone and telefax number, e-mail-addresses, demographic traits, and other data defined by the purpose of the respective study. This data arise voluntarily from answers to certain questions. In addition, we process special categories of data (“sensitive data”) that result from demographic characteristics or from voluntary answers to questions that are defined by the respective purpose of the study. As part of our business activities, we regularly carry out various surveys. These include telephone surveys, face-to-face surveys, online and written surveys. The provision of your personal data is voluntary. There is no legal obligation to disclose this data. In the event that you do not want to disclose your personal data, these will not be collected and will therefore not be taken into account in a study.


2.2. Processing

2.2.1. Purposes

The processing of your personal data relates to the selection within the framework of a representative population and to the contacting of potential study participants (respondents).

We process your personal data for the purpose of market, opinion and / or social research. The answers of the study participants (respondents) or survey results are systematically collected, analyzed and scientifically evaluated. The study results are used to compare short, medium and long-term studies and to draw conclusions from them.

2.2.2. Legal basis

With regard to the processing of your personal data for the purpose of market, opinion and / or social research, we rely on our overriding legitimate interest. Our legitimate interest consists in carrying out studies in the field of market, opinion and / or social research as part of our ordinary business activities. In addition, special measures are taken to protect your personal data.

We process the aforementioned personal data, in particular data of the special data categories, on the basis of the authorization to process personal data for the purposes of scientific research in accordance with Section 5 of the Research Organization Act (FOG)


The processing of your personal data for the purposes of market, opinion and social research takes place in anonymized or pseudonymized form. If a personal reference is not required for a study, the data required for this, such as first name, last name or address, are not collected or irrevocably separated from the survey results and do not flow into the study results. In these cases, it is no longer possible to trace your answers back to you personally. Study results are only transmitted to the client of a study in an anonymous form (i.e. without personal data).


Insofar as we know of personal data that allow your answers to be traced back to you, your personal data will be pseudonymized before they are processed for the purposes of market, opinion and / or social research. Pseudonymization is the processing of personal data in which those data that enable traceability to a specific person (e.g. name, address and / or date of birth) are removed from the other personal data of the same person (usually the answers to questions in a study) and replaced by an identification feature (such as a code or number).

Without knowing which identification feature stands for which person, it is no longer possible to trace the remaining personal data (usually the answers to questions in a study) to a specific person. The information about which information feature stands for which person is stored separately and is subject to technical and organizational measures that ensure that the remaining personal data cannot be traced back to a specific person without authorization.

3. Transmission and disclosure of personal data

Study results are only transmitted to the client of a study in an anonymous form (i.e. without personal data).

To carry out a study, we use interviewers who, as contract processors, conduct surveys of study participants. These interviewers receive your personal data from us for the implementation of interviews or collect personal data in the interviews on our behalf. They process your data on our behalf and only for as long as necessary and are strictly bound by our instructions.

Your personal data will not be transmitted to a country that has a lower level of data protection compared to the European Union.

4. Duration of storage

Your personal data will be stored for the duration of the study and beyond that, insofar as it is required for the validity of the study results, to demonstrate compliance with good scientific practice and as a basis for further scientific research (presentation of trends in short, medium and long-term studies) will.

5. Your rights

You have the right to request information at any time as to whether and which data we process about you. You also have the right to deletion, restriction of processing or objection to processing and the right to data portability under certain conditions.

If you believe that the processing of your data violates data protection law or that your data protection claims have been violated in any other way, please contact us. We are pleased to give you information. We strive to meet all legal requirements.

If you opine that we are processing your data unlawfully, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Austrian Data Protection Authority, Wickenburggasse 8, 1080 Vienna.

In principle, you have the right to information, correction, deletion, restriction, data portability, revocation and objection.

Responsible authority

Further you can contact the authority.

In Austria the authority of data protection is responsible: https://www.dsb.gv.at/

You can reach us:

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