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A range of possibilities

Thanks to our full-service offer and the wide variety of survey methods we use, we are the right partner for many industries. Depending on the requirements and tasks of our customers, we develop solutions together. The spectrum ranges from smaller ad-hoc studies to long-term tracking or panel studies to comprehensive strategy developments.

Our areas of expertise from A-Z


Regular brand checks in all segments are as much a part of our daily routine as the pretesting of creative advertising media or the acceptance of new impetus concepts. The interface with our extensive experience in mobility research gives us a broad horizon. This helps decisively in the conception of studies.


Cultural events are a special form of events. Guests and audiences are often very homogeneous and have specific ideas. Responding to the requirements and expectations here requires sensitivity. We have this sensitivity.


Product launches and relaunches cost a lot of money. Validating a product idea through consumer evaluation and initial experience can be helpful. We have decades of experience in concept and product use tests, nationally and internationally.


The recovery process depends not least on whether patients feel comfortable. For years, we have continuously surveyed patient satisfaction in public and private hospitals. We also regularly survey physicians and other health care professionals about new therapies, medications or innovative technologies. We are aware of the high demands on data protection, how little time doctors often have and how tedious long and redundant questionnaires can be. Doctors, pharmacists and nurses therefore trust us.

Insurance and financial services

Which online services do customers understand and which features do they find cool? With interest rates close to "0," what does a new savings product need to offer, and how much do customers trust product promises? What are customers willing to pay for services and new products? And how do employees assess customer interest? Measuring the level of service is just as much in our hands as pretesting new products or preparing product launches.


Media research has been one of our focal points for 40 years. Print, radio, television and cinema at the beginning, Internet, digital services and new forms of distribution in recent years. Technology is changing, content is always in demand. We have a very long track record of testing product innovations, new formats, relaunches, and also measuring range and usage intensity among both consumers and advertisers.

For example, we have been co-responsible for the Film Economy Report of the Austrian Film Institute since 2003.

Mobility and traffic

Transport research is the leading edge of empiricism with a strong impact on the lives of those affected. Survey methods from questioning to observation, digital and analog and complex evaluation and projection methods are used. We have been involved in many projects over the years and conducted 10,000s of interviews.

Politics and election campaigns

Hardly any field of research leads to faster turnarounds than the just finished research report in times of election campaigns. Speed, flexibility and broad knowledge of players, issues and positions are indispensable. Advising clients while remaining candid is another challenge for social intelligence.

Real estate

Our experience in the field of housing and real estate has led to the fact that we are now also responsible for the operational management of the renowned Research Association for Housing, Building and Planning (FGW). We measure satisfaction with property management companies, do feasibility studies for project developers and conduct baseline surveys on building and housing.

Supply and disposal

Even if hardly anyone thinks about supply and disposal in everyday life, the supply of electricity, water and the removal of waste are services that have a lasting impact on our lives. Costs alone are usually not the only basis for decision-making, even for consumers. We investigate what people really want and what they are willing to pay that little bit more for.


Tourism is more than just selling beds and food. Here, complex interrelationships intertwine, guests, population and employees of the providers are a whole. We design our tourism studies with this approach and can thus provide our clients with decisive added value.

Trade fair, congress & event

Face-to-face and online, in writing and by phone: Reaching participants of events is often only possible within a small time window. And guests at a trade fair, congress or event usually have little time to be available for an interview. Exciting questions, short interviews and an attractive presentation help. With such data, events become transparent, further developments plausible.


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