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Current Projects

Triconsult: Klimaticket

Triconsult represents the part of the accompanying research team (infas/Triconsult/ Motiontag) active in Austria. In addition, Triconsult is in charge of the bonus points that can be earned by participating in the accompanying research from 2022 onwards.

Questions about the accompanying research can be answered on the website https://www.infas.at/klimaticket/.

We will also be happy to answer your questions about the accompanying research either in writing via klimaticket@triconsult.at or by telephone on the free service number 0800 400 151.

General questions about the climate ticket can possibly be answered by the FAQ's about the climate ticket or you contact the responsible office via the contact form.

Transportation survey 2022: OÖ & SBG

A traffic survey will be conducted in the fall of 2022 on behalf of the two Austrian states of Upper Austria and Salzburg. Besides Triconsult, infas, Herry Consult and Motiontag as well as Makam Research and ap dialog are working on this project.

More information about the survey can be found here.

We would like to thank all participants very much for their support!


Our Own products

CSO - Customer satisfaction optimisation

Knowing what customers are satisfied with is important. Knowing what customers are best satisfied with is crucial. Using a statistical model developed by us, we can analyse customer satisfaction in detail, identify impact factors and compare subgroups. Measures can be simulated and concrete statements can be made about the probability of re-election or the intention to recommend a candidate.

Real-time motion analysis

We analyse motion data with a technology partner, a mobile phone provider. This not only allows us to present customer and visitor structures, but also to identify potential overloads or problems for tourism and events to announce the occurrence of adverse effects and thus enable timely control measures to be taken.


At which point the viewers* switch off or can hardly stand it anymore, where a cut should be made or the tempo should be reduced: In a qualitative setting we can measure up to 16 people simultaneously and continuously with the technology we have developed. This not only allows real-time voting, but also in-depth evaluations of films, spots etc.

Physical Impact (PI) - The revolutionary tool for politics

Physical Impact Test (Π-Test) - Politics is a new method for making election predictions, but above all for optimizing position and communication. So we can say: Which candidate brings which voters to a party?

The credibility and relevance of the candidates are assessed on the basis of current political issues. Which arguments and positions are entrusted to a candidate?

The presentation of the results as a dashboard allows the optimization of the own campaign considering the activities of political competitors. 


Visual Impact Test (VIT)

 Knowing what the market share will be before launching a new product? Knowing how the category is changing? Visual Impact Testing (VIT) examines online the acceptance and thus the economic success of a (new) product before market launch, forecasts the expected market share of the (new) design and that of the competitors. Visual Impact Testing simulates the overall decision-making process of consumers when selecting a product and compares the concrete (new) design with those of competitors.

Neuro Beam Viewer/Spotlight Viewer

Classic Eytracking is associated with a lot of effort, tedious processing times and thus costs. Spotlight Viewer allows online execution, high case numbers in a short time and thus cost-effective results. The simulation of foveal vision and the associated blurring of the peripheral areas make it possible to follow the gaze during online surveys for advertisement and ridicule tests.

Income Study (WdF)

For 40 years the WdF, the economic forum of managers, has been conducting an annual survey of the income of managers. It has been Triconsult for 20 years. who is overseeing this investigation. This is an impressive confirmation that such traditional forms of survey as a postal questionnaire are unbeatable in terms of efficiency in some studies.

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