We contacted you?

Why was I contacted?

You were contacted by Triconsult as part of a current study and were asked for an interview? If you have any questions about it or would like to reassure yourself about us, our telephone service number is available to you. In case of a telephone survey by Triconsult, you will always be shown a telephone number during a survey. You can call back for your reinsurance at any time to check the authenticity of the Triconsult survey.Triconsult conducts social science studies only. These are empirical surveys and not sales pitches.

Where did you get my phone number, email address or other contact details from?

We will contact you on the basis of data that comes from publicly accessible directories (e.g. phone book) that you have made available to us yourself (in person, by telephone, post, by e-mail or web-based) that we receive from a client or that we have lawfully acquired from third parties (address publishers and direct marketing companies). For telephone surveys we also use telephone numbers that were generated as a random number using the RLD process (Randomized Last Digit Process).These data will be deleted after the study has ended. Please contact us directly for further questions:


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